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Montana & Yellowstone Adventure

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Rock Climbing - Yellowstone River

Sat, 07/03/2021 - 02:53

MT Yellowstone AdventureHello from MT & Yellowstone Adventure! This trip has started at full speed to adventure with a day of rock climbing above the Yellowstone River yesterday.

Makena had a great day of climbing and she was one of the few to reach the top.

Alexa was selected as our 1st Leader of the Day (LOD) and led many great discussions with the group and she also gathered the groups input on choosing the next few days’ meals.

Esme assisted in facilitating a group discussion and was a great asset to keeping everyone focused and involved in the talking.

Seven, Lucy and Eva all loved hanging out by the river today for a little while where they learned and practiced skipping rocks and tried to find the best one!

Wynne has been making friendship bracelets for anyone who wants one, as well as teaching everyone how to make them.

Reed and Ava excelled in climbing and were able to climb all the routes set by the guides, even the hardest ones!

Zoe and Freya were nervous about climbing at first but persevered and were able to climb two of the routes!

Anneliese is great at offering to help the alpenguides, which is always appreciated:)

Our first Alpenolympic event of the session was a tent assembly competition and everyone is excited to do some horseback riding and whitewater rafting today, before exploring Yellowstone National Park tomorrow!

We had a thunder and rain shower last night at our large tent camping site in the grass that has plenty of room away from the other campers, special treatment just for us! A quick game of frisbee after the storm passsed and to bed early last night with another busy day today:)