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MT Wild Canoeist - Rocked It!

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100 Miles of the Missouri River

Fri, 07/02/2021 - 19:48

Missouri River Canoe and SwimWe paddled over 100 miles on the Missouri River this week. We had long, hot, sunny days every day of the trip, and the girls absolutely rocked it! Though they are a little bit sunburned (despite several applications of sunscreen per day and sun-blocking layers, 14 hours of sunshine was a lot to handle), they are feeling strong and empowered by how hard they worked this week on the river. One of our longest days, we paddled over 22 miles! We (Rose and Ellie, the Alpenguides) are so incredibly proud of these spectacular ladies.

Our MRO guide, Heather, was a lovely and knowledgeable resource and role model for the girls. We combatted the heat with lots of snacks, LOTS of water (some girls were drinking 4 naglenes a day!), and delicious meals, like Rainbow Hash Browns (a crowd favorite), blueberry pancakes and sausage, and fettuccini alfredo pasta. In the middle of our voyage, Cait turned 15, so we celebrated by paddling a short 9 miles to a shady camp and relaxing. She received a sweet gift from her mom as we drank some Alpengirl Hot Cocoa once the sun went down— york peppermint patties and hot chocolate.

The girls have been working diligently on their skill beads throughout the trip. Two of the girls, Elsa and Cate, facilitated a compliment circle on our last night on the river as a part of their camp group living bead, which brought the girls closer after a long and physically challenging trip.

Last night after taking out and driving to a beautiful and cool campground in the Little Belt Mountains, we had a wonderful and rejuvenating spaghetti meal cooked by Cait, Ella Mey., and Kaile. Afterwards, we held a talent show! Tenny and Zoe performed a singing and dancing act and Ella Men. sang a christmas carol in Latin, to name just a couple of the acts.

Throughout the whole trip, Ashlyn has kept spirits high with her lively and inclusive energy, despite the physical and mental challenges on our long hot days canoeing. Everybody really appreciated her energy every day.

Everybody took a turn being the LOD over the course of this trip, and handled each unique day and it’s challenges.

As we wind down and prepare for our closing ceremony tonight, we are all sad to say goodbye, but our hearts are full. The girls are excited for a pizza dinner, delicious dessert, and to exchange numbers with each other, all of them now long-time friends.