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MT & Yellowstone Backpacking

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Exploring the Spanish Peaks

Sun, 07/11/2021 - 14:01

Montana Yellowstone Alpengirl in the Backcountry

The Montana & Yellowstone crew just emerged from an amazing four days of backpacking and exploring the Spanish Peaks just outside of Bozeman! 

The adventure began with a 5 mile hike along the Spanish Creek. On the trail Wynne and Alexa helped distract everyone from their heavy packs with a steady flow of jokes and comedic relief. Zoe, Eva, Seven, and Makena passed the time on the trail by working together to create an exceptionally detailed verbal story, the guides could tell this group would have some amazing Alpenessays.

Everyone had to tackle several stream crossings with the help of their guides in order to make it to their camp. Upon arrival at their creekside homebase for the next several nights Anneliese took charge in helping set up tents and practice building a shelter to achieve her shelter bead! 

That night it was time to hang food bags after a delicious and filling dinner of macaroni and cheese! Esme helped alpenguide Natalie hang the food bags while the rest of the group supported their efforts through song and dance. Reed and Freya helped lead the group in singing, let's just say they made plenty of noise heard for miles around! 

The next morning everyone woke up excited for the day's event with the help of Freya’s lovely positive morning wake up calls as the crew prepared to hike to Mirror Lake! The hike was challenging but so worth it when they reached the beautiful alpine lake that was surrounded by a meadow of wildflowers.  Anneliese, Whynne, Alexa, and Eva were very fond of the flowers and practiced their photography skills! 

That night it was time for a special fancy ramen dinner, Zoe was excited to learn all the fun ways to spice up a meal in the backcountry and will definitely be sharing her cooking skills with everyone back home! After a long day Eva came to the rescue helping get dishes cleaned and keep everyone in good spirits before it was time for bed. 

On day three everyone woke up eager to go hike and explore the Spanish Lakes! LOD Seven was a superstar that day getting everyone ready and helping keep the crew entertained on the trail. Upon arrival at the lakes everyone was in awe of the view and thrilled to see some patches of snow remained. Lucy and Ava took the opportunity to play in the snow and cool down from the afternoon sun.  

After hiking everyone harnessed their creativity to write some amazing Alpenessays about their time at camp, the guides are so excited to read them all! Then the next day it was time to hike out and head back to civilization. On the drive back everyone partook in a roadside dance party with the help of some Taylor Swift music, this group sure had some groovy moves!

Everyone is now camped next to the Missouri River for the final days of camp. Today will involve showers, calls home, a brief exporation of downtown Bozeman before soaking at the local hot springs pool and the award ceremony tonight!