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North Cascades Natl' Park

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Ross Lake Hike, Swim & Desolation Peak

Tue, 07/13/2021 - 14:35

Alpengirl North Cascades BackpackersFrom North Cascades Adventure Alpenguides - Sophie and Sofia: Backpacking started a day late but the spirits were higher then ever! Rylee braided everyone’s hair to prepare for our first hike. Together the girls completed a challenging 7 mile hike in impressive time with Ellie leading the pack as our LOD.  We learned how to cross streams safely and purify water along the way.  At camp, Ash cooked us a filling meal of ramen and veggies, with Alpengirl hot cocoa. The night ended with an alpenolympic eco friendly tooth brush spray competition, where Eliana took 1st place. Our second day consisted of a 6 mile hike that was rewarded with a well deserved lake swim at camp. The girls jumped into the water endlessly and even used the dock as their runway. We were visited by many deer friends at our campsite (Buddy and Charlie!) and had fun horsin' around with the entire group. Our next day was an enjoyable break from our challenging hikes the days before, after completing our backpacking in about 3 hours we were able to fully enjoy our lakeside campsite with lunch and a full afternoon of swimming and relaxation. Some girl stayed in the water all day, using logs as surf boards, while others found a serine spot on the lake to read and journal. Everyone was pleasently surprised to take a backcountry shower and feel fresh as a daisy after the hard work. After dinner, everyone participated in our Alpenolympic talent show with magic talents and rap battle. Ultimately, it was Bea and Lilla whose Alpengirl rap took the win. In the evening, we started to mentally prepare for our big hike the next day with some self reflection and goal setting. Our big day hike started at sunrise with high hopes and motivated girls to reach the summit. After about 7 hours of uphill trekking and trail songs, our entire group reached Desolation camp (over 10 mile round trip) and Brooke’s positive energy as a leader even took some girls to reach the summit (13.6 miles total) Everyone was rewarded with breathtaking views and oreos at the top. At the end of the day we were able to cool off with a sunset dip in the lake, a perfect way to unwind from a challenging yet rewarding day. Our final backpacking day we said goodbye to our favorite campsite after our morning yoga by the lake. Our boat taxi took us back to the beginning where we finished strong with a 3 mile hike. During backpacking we pushed ourselfs out of our comfort zones and past the limits we put on ourselves. We ended feeling stronger and more empowered than ever, especially from the positive group energy from all these young ladies. While our original plans for the rest of the trip have been adjusted due to the fire danger, we are excited to rest our feet and spend time on the water instead. We couldn’t be prouder of all the girls have accomplished so far, but most importantly the way they’ve supported each other and worked together in each step, challenge and triumph. We are ready to finish our adventure stronger than ever!