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North Cascades Water Activities!

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Kayaking, River Otters, and Rafting

Thu, 07/15/2021 - 19:56

North Cascades crew excited for kayaking

The North Cascades crew has been having an epic adventure, here is an update from guides Sophie and Sofia!

"Our last few days have been jammed pack with fun on the water. After a little rest from backpacking, we got to spend another day on the river for a whitewater rafting trip. The girls have all bonded and become a very tight knit group during backpacking, so they enjoyed all being in the same boat for rafting. Brooke especially enjoyed the day on the water and started a splashing competiton while also encouraging all the girls to jump in!

Back at our campsite we were excited to take a hot shower and change into some clean clothes. Rylee received a fun care package with nature bingo, hot chocolate, and marshmallows to share, the whole group was thrilled by this. The next day it was time to set out for the overnight sea kayaking adventure. The expert kayaking guide, Sophia, suprised the girls with donuts and an important discussion on risk management on the water. Embarking on their journey there was no confusion at all now that the girls had three guides name: Sophie, Sofia, and Sophia ;)  

Eliana led the pack steering her three person kayak into the heavy winds with ease and determination. After arriving at our island campsite, the two tent groups faced off in a best nest competition! Bee, Ellie, and Rylee won with their creative redition of a "fancy Vegas hotel"! After a filling dinner of sloppy joes, Lilla led us in a meaningful group discussion about bullying for her group living bead. Our night was full of reflection time about our journey together as the girls began writing their Alpenessays on the beach. They wrote about what makes Alpengirl special, how they've overcome challenges, and the importance of the wilderness. The night closed with an evening activity of appreciation and connection along with a spotting of two river otters in the bay at sunset! Bea showed her conneciton to nature by sleeping under the stars the entire night, despite the chilly weather. 

In the morning Ash cooked us rainbow hashbrowns to check off the last box of her cooking bead. With the wind behind us, we flew back to the van with plenty of time for ice cream, shopping, a pizza party and awards! The end of the trip did end up being different than anticipated, but we've learned to adapt and openly enjoy our new adventure. While we are sad our time together is coming to a close, we are soaking up every last minute by living in the moment and fully enjoying our surroundings!"