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North Coast Trail Hikers

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Olympic National Park Backpackers

Sat, 07/24/2021 - 19:44

WA Coast Backpacker GroupSatellite Message from WA Coast Backpacker II Alpenguides (Rose & Mattie): Hello from the gorgeous Washington coast! We’ve been thrilled by great weather. We’ve had misty days, but the sun has always poked through for a few hours. We’ve seen amazing sea creatures and bald eagle nests right from the trail, and have also spent time tide pooling. Grace was our first LOD while hiking and set us off to a great start. Ava has been loving the camp food, and made a delicious pot of vegetable alfredo pasta with Halinka’s help. Hazel has been wowing us with the best dance moves any of us have ever seen, and Eva has been telling us portions of a story each night as we go to bed. Jack, esme, and Francesca have been singing all day, practicing for our alpenolympic talent show later tonight. Everyone is working towards their skill beads, and getting camp tasks done has been a breeze! We’re so impressed by this group - they’ve tackled tough overland and rocky trails, with smiles all around. We'll post a blog and photo after we exit the backcountry:)