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Yellowstone Horseback Adventure I

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Goodbye Horses - Hello YNP & Whitewater

Mon, 07/12/2021 - 16:03

Yellowstone Horseback Adventure CampFrom the Alpengudies Arlee & Serena (last night, post pack trip): We have just left the backcountry and are spending the night camping outside of the Red Hawk Lodge in the beautiful Centennial Valley near Red Rock Wildlife Refuge! All the girls were sad to say goodbye to their ponies especially Sophia with her favorite Mule, Maggie. Evelyn had a great time leading the group on her horse Penny, and Tova learned how to get Duke to cross streams. Caroline, Molly, and Sophia as a team, have won 2 Alpenolympic competitions including hair washing and “best nest”! Allie won the talent show with her vocal performance of thank you for the music from Mama Mia! Maddie showed off her superb chopping skills when in the group - cutting all vegetables and meats perfectly! She is great at leading the group as well and keeping everyone as a unit! Sylvia has been a great sport with everything being in the backcountry has throw her way! She truly is living like a backcountry Alpengirl! LenaMarie alongside Tova taught us how to make flower crowns during our talent show and everyone got to make their own! Grace has been learning many wilderness first aid skills including how to splint and treat blisters! Abby has taught us about navigation and even performed a skit demonstrating our path so far. We are headed into Yellowstone  & Tetona National Parks next and looking forward to rafting soon in Jackson Hole, forward we go!