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Yellowstone National Park Tour

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Backpacking & Hot Springs Next

Tue, 07/06/2021 - 20:29

Mammoth Hot Springs - YNPToday the MT & Yellowstone Alpengirls are showered and cleaned up and headed back to the campsite to prep for their backpacking trip and it's going great! Here's what the Alpenguides (Anna and Natlie) have to say the campers:

Lucy was one of our leaders of the day (LOD) and did a great job in that role, everyone complimented her on how well she “leads with grace.”

Seven faced their fears of being on the water and was able to enjoy the whitewater rafting!

Ava has come out of her shell immensely since the first day. She is always up and ready to start the day significantly before anyone else, which the Alpenguides love!

Annaleise is extremely helpful and always has a smile on her face, she is always asking everyone if there’s anything she can help with.

Alpengirl 4th of JulyAlexa and Wynne continue to work on friendship bracelets to share with everyone and there have been many Greek mythology discussions over the book Wynne has been reading.

Zoe was very excited about our rafting trip, she enjoyed being in the front getting splashed and immediately jumped out when told it was time to swim.

Tent Mates - Team WorkEva did a great job as our leader of the day for our first day of Yellowstone, she's being called a “junior guide” because of her great leadership abilities.

Reed and Freya did a winning rendition of “A Lovely Night” from La La Land during our talent show. Costumes, hair dos and dance choreography included!

Esme proved to be quite a natural when it came to horseback riding! She was able to bring her horse easily back to the trail when needed and proved to be a natural cowgirl.

Rock Climbers MontanaMakena was a superstar during rafting and rode on the front of the raft during some of the biggest rapids - bull riding style!!

We just finished up two days in Yellowstone seeing all the sites, Old Faithful, the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone and everything in between. We had another alpenolympic event called Ranger Danger. Eva won with her great presentation on moose. We’ve had a a decent amount of rainy evenings and mornings but otherwise great weather! We sadly we not able to do our sunset kayaking on the 4th of July as planned due to lightening and outfitters canceled due to unsafe conditions, but spirits are high and going to a hot springs pool to soak after backpacking and at the end of camp is going to be a great suprise activity for the girls - they'll love it! This remains a great group of Alpengirls to work with for us Alpenguides - they are doing very well!