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Backpacking Hoh Rainforest

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B-day Baguette, Rainforest & Hot Springs Next

Sun, 08/08/2021 - 23:07

The WA Lil's have sent a quick photo and messgae about the Hoih rainforest backpacking trip... "The girls sucessfully completed the 5 mile hike to 5-mile Island on the Hoh River and set up tents next to the river where some deer were also setting up a home:) The hike started with a b-day celebration for Sophie (baguette was the gift desired - as seen in photo) at the trailhead and some rain that cleared up by the time we arrived to the campsite and some camperds hiked a bit more to explore the river sand bars and islands at the campsite. We had spaghetti dinner with pepperoni and snuggled into our tents for some Alpenolympic Essay Writing time before catching some z's and the rain lulling us to sleep. This morning we enjoyed Alpengirl hot chocolate to give us the needed push to get on the trail and hike those miles back out to the van where we have loaded up and taken off for the Sol Duc Hot Springs where we'll soak and have our awards cerremony tonight. All is going well although it's a long day today and tomorrow but plenty of smiling campers along the way and friends have been made and they'll enjoy the pizza party and lemondae and ice cream tonight."