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Coastal Backpacking Success

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Driftwood Swings, Beach Tag & End of Camp

Sun, 08/08/2021 - 16:50

WA Coast Backpackers IWashington Coast Backpackers have officially finished their backpacking journey! We saw a lot of sea stars and sea anemones on our hike out this afternoon and we climbed over tide pools and along the beach. We spent two nights at the beautiful Norwegian campsite where we explored an island, played games on the beach and even had a driftwood swing at our campsite that the girls throughly enjoyed. We built forts and finished off our rest day with some treasured Alpengirl hot chocolate. We also got to explore the Yellow Banks campsite and it was a really fun playground for the girls. Before our last night of backcountry camping, everyone played an exciting game of "Everyone’s It" tag on the beach. With amazing views and high spirits the backpacking trip was a great success! Today we are looking forward to some delicious pizza and ice cream in Port Townsend and our award ceremony tonight!