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Lakes, Creeks and Swimming

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Rafters Successfully Tested the Waters!

Sun, 08/01/2021 - 03:24

Loreli was our very first leader of the day, she was always asking the guides how she could help.

Stella has been a constant ray of sunshine the entire trip, never without a smile on her face and entertaining new friends

Camper Highights from Wild & Scenic Salmon Raft Adventure: Vic was very excited to go swimming in a lake for the first time, and such a beautiful lake at that!

Ella and Alana were eager to explore and read next to the creek near our camping site.

Marni took charge in cooking our campfire stew dinner, displaying leadership and responsibility, and with help of the cook group a delicious meal!

We were lucky enough to have a forest ranger come to the camp site and give an entertaining presentation all about bears. Zoe and Aurora were both very interested and engaged in the bear talk asking many intriguing questions and discussing the new knowledge later with the group. 

Sally was very excited about swimming at the lake, she was the first to test out the water and last to get out!

Lola was our leader of the day today, and did a great job assisting the guides on and off the water:)

Jorie - was tentative initially, but after seeing the fun her friends were having, jumped in the lake and was very happy she did

Our 12th camper, Shivani, arrived later this evening just in time for dinner. Everyone welcomed her with open arms, very excited to have her join the group.

The first day at camp we had fun events like Jeopardy, and a lovely hike to a swim spot along the creek.
Today we braved the rain and were thankfully rewarded with an exciting ride on a pontoon boat across the stunning Redfish lake. Sky's cleared, waters calmed, smiles reigned plentiful and many laughs were shared as the sawtooth mountain range stood tall and majestic in front of us.

The girls closed their eyes on a happy day, looking forward to horsebackriding tomorrow!