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Lavender Farm Dazzle!

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Wonderful Start - Goats, Skills, Ice Cream

Mon, 08/02/2021 - 19:20

From WA Coast Backpacker I Alpenguides (Rose & Sarah): 

The Washington Coast Backpackers are off on their backpacking adventure starting after turkey veggie sandwich and chips lunch this afternoon - we are packed and ready and the sun is bright, the group is very excited to start our amazing journey in Olympic National Park! 

During our breathtaking 1st 2 days at the organic lavender farm the campers became fast friends, wore warm clothes for the lovely cool temps, learned how to set up their tents (and had many giggles in the tents), they learned how to pack their backpacks, were assigned their backcountry cook groups and learned use the backcountry cook stoves. 

Last night we had an amazing and memorable costume contest on the lavender farm stage where we even had an Alpengirl turn into a butterfly!

During our costume contest Clarity showed us her beautiful wings and flying ability while Sage and Fern won our Alpenolympic Event for their hydrated worms skit. Claire brought out the creative side in the group with her unicorn act and Ava gave us her best lunch lady impression! Remi brought big smiles to group by helping apply glitter to all of the girl’s faces to complete the Alpengirl power look! Eleanor stole the show with her hula hoping while performing a model walk, oh la la! 

A special treat at the farm was enjoyed by all - lavender ice cream! The goats were pet, the chickens were roused (or they roused us with the rooster every morning) and slugs and bees were present and all in perfect harmony with our Alpengirls. They are very satisfied with the farm stay - loved it!

This morning most campers tried the hot savory morning grits with veggie sausages and cheese as a side dish and all seemed delighted with the lemon yogurt parfait granola bowls with organic strawberries and blueberries before driving away to reach the hiking trailhead. 

They are doing great and we are excited to start hiking and seeing all the ocean views! We’ll post a photo to Alpengirl Facebook and Instagram of our group in the lavender fields and another photo posted after backpacking ends.