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Lil's B Backcountry Success

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Tobacco Root Mountains Hikers

Mon, 08/09/2021 - 00:48

Montana Lil B's The Montana Lil's B have made it out of the backcountry, here is an update of how the trip went from their Alpenguides Arlee and Ellie!

"We had an awesome trip and the girls crushed backpacking! Gabriela helped everyone learn to live without front country amenities and was a great asset to the group. Adi kept us all laughing while we hiked up the trail and while we waited out rain storms at camp. On the trail Olivia supported all her fellow backpackers and helped set a good hiking pace.

Violet was a friend to every girl and her presence was greatly appreciated by the guides as she helped keep camp running smoothly. Paloma helped by always knowing the game plan for the day and keeping everybody on track. Zoe sang a beautiful song to win the Alpengirl talent show on our last night backpacking. We had so many amazing acts and were extremly impressed by the talent from this group!

Camping at a lake was a big hit both because of the increible views and the oppurnity to take a quick dip in the water to escape the summer heat. Everyone enjoyed splashing around and exploring the backcountry campsite they were calling home for the next few days. 

During skill bead lessons Sylvia embraced her inner backcountry hero while learning wilderness first aid skills. Hazel and Mairi taught the group their self named diva pose one and two along with the double swan in their pursit of the yoga bead. Avery, Harriet, and Vivian built an impressive shelter with raincoats and some downed trees to earn their shelter bead!

After an amazing few days in the Montana wilderness we are heading to shower and enjoying some celebratory pizza and awards before the girls go home to share their stories with friends and family!"