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Main Salmon River Trip

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Camper Highlights, Ice Cream, Rafting & End of Camp

Sun, 08/08/2021 - 16:57

Main Salmon River Girls campFrom Wild & Scenic Salmon Raft Adventure Alpenguride (Natalie & Anna):

Camper highlights and more...

Any opportunity Jorie got, she was in the swimming in the water. She encouraged others to get into it with her and always took charge of pulling everyone safely back in the boat. 

Zoe loved stopping along the river to take a soak in the natural hot springs coming from the mountain! She said it was her first time being in a natural hot spring and enjoyed looking at the beautiful views as we soaked. 

Sally has the immense honor of saying she kayaked the entire 80 mile stretch in a one person duckie kayak! A huge achievement that all the guides were very proud of and something she will always cherish. 

Shivani and Lola were the winners of our talent show with their boy band The Docé Boys acting as Sebastian and Liam. They sang along to Sorry by Justin Bieber and even had a run in with some crazy fans and paparazzi. 

Marni and Stella loved riding the “bull” on the front of the raft whenever possible. They loved taking the waves head on and laughing hard. 

Lorelei and Vic both had a very exciting time in the tandem duckie kayaks! They went through many of the bigger rapids in the kayaks and had a blast. 

Ella was apprehensive about getting into the duckie kayak at first but after hitting a few waves got addicted to being in it. She was even able to convince others to ride with her and set a great example. 

Alana came alive telling those on her boats all about the Star Wars and Marvel worlds, she entertained us during the flat portions of the water. 

Aurora started the trip very apprehensive about rafting and ended the trip with a love of rafting. She even took a spin in the duckie kayak for a day! 

Rafting exceeded everyone’s expectations, we couldn’t have asked for a better trip with better raft guides. Weather held out except for a couple passing storms at night. The remote wilderness captivated everyone’s attention in different ways. From crystal clear water to the rocky canyon to towering ponderosa pines to a riverside pit stop at Buckskin Bills for ice cream. We learned a lot about the river and surrounding area from our guides, who kept things fun but very safe. Everyone enjoyed staying on beaches where everyone always helped set up and take down each day. We look forward to ice cream and shopping in McCall today. A great end to an even greater trip.