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Montana Lil's First Days of Camp

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Bats, Burritos, and Backcountry Prep!

Thu, 08/05/2021 - 03:50

Montana Lil B's

The Lil’s arrived in Montana and took off to spend their first few days of camp at the Lewis and Clark Caverns. Things started off with some name games and a delicious dinner of burrito bowls before everyone learned how to set up their tent and snuggled into their sleeping bags! 

The next morning Sylvia was the first leader of the day (LOD), she helped wake up everyone and enjoyed tea with the guides. Mairi was an absolute natural at the morning yoga practice, perfecting downward dog from the start! Gabriella was very focused and ready to learn during the camp talks about hygiene, natural risks, and leave no trace principles for the backcountry.  

Avery, Hazel and Harriet are well on their way to becoming dish washing pros after their first day in the dish group. They have been so helpful at each meal cleaning up and helping the staff. After a delicious lunch the group took off to tour the incredible Lewis and Clark Caverns. Olivia saw bats in the caverns and slid down a cave slide, known by locals as the ‘beaver slide’! Paloma enjoyed the caves and Zoe creatively described the cave formations to the group and the ranger while on the tour. 

Upon return to camp after the cavern tour Adelaide, Vivian and Violet made the group a spaghetti feast complete with garlic bread and a yummy salad. The girls are very excited to get packed up and hit the trail tomorrow for the first day of backpacking. After dinner they spent some time learning about topographic maps and finding the hiking route they will be taking on maps of the Tobacco Root Mountains.This evening the girls are settling in with s’mores and a costume contest before a good night of rest before backpacking!