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WA Coast Backpackers

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Rest Day & Lots of Fun

Fri, 08/06/2021 - 02:03

A Satellite Device Message for WA Coast Backpackers: 

"Hello from the Washington coast! Today the group is celebrating and enjoying our rest day. We hiked 5.3 miles yesterday to a gorgeous beach side campsite. It was our toughest hike yet, but our leader of the day, Remmie, kept spirits high! We just did our best nest alpenolympic event. After an hour of building and decorating with beachside materials the “Beachside Villa” (Ava, Eleanor, and Fern) narrowly won over “Banana Slug Club” (Sage, Clarity, Remmie, and Natalie). We were blown away by the strength and creativity the girls showed! Speaking of the banana slug club - be sure to ask it’s newest inductees (everyone in the group!) about the experience. Later today the girls will work on their skill beads and play lots of games. Our LOD, Ava, already has a list of games she’s planning on leading. We’ll spend the next two days hiking back to the front country where we have showers and a delicious pizza dinner awaiting us! We'll post a photo or two when back in service after backpacking ends:)"