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Washington Lil’s Adventure

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Beach Days & Backpacking

Fri, 08/06/2021 - 02:25

An energetic lively bunch the mighty Washington lil Alpengirls have made it to their beach campsite on the Washington coast in Olympic National Park.

Arriving for first night burritos, chips and salsa followed by M & M getting to know you game on the first night of camp overlooking the Straits of Juan de Fuca the Alpengirls start out strong and ready to go! They were introduced to their tent mates and tent camping and fell asleep to sounds of ocean nearby:) 

On the first full day of camp together, the group started out with yoga and followed by strawberry stuffed French toast and finishing up some of the camp talks about leave no trace and natural risks, the group enjoyed acting out some of the risks to show that they knew what to do if for example, they were camping and they heard thunder or saw lightning. Then, they packed up Chinese chicken salad for lunch and put on their hiking boots and walked the trails to the beach where they spent a few hours playing in the sand and jumping in the waves - it was cold water but many of them seem to love it regardless! The camper cook group this evening prepared a delicious meal of beef and vegetables teriyaki stirfry, another hit! Then, a camper care package for Adelyn and her group and devouring some brownie brittle before brushing teeth and bedtime. 

On the third day of camp, the group did the usual yoga followed by yogurt parfaits for breakfast and then learned how to pack their backpacks and adjust and carry them. They had about an hour and a half drive to the beach trail head for a turkey sandwich for lunch and started the hike down the beach in sunny weather (see Facebook/Instagram photo) mixed with some fog with seals in the waves looking on them:) they made it to their beachy hang out campsite, set up their tents and had their first back country dinner.

Today after yoga on the beach the group had some hangout timeon the beach followed by lunch of pesto pasta salad and grapes. While waiting for the tide to go down (so they could explore the tide pools), the group enjoyed the gifts in the care package given to Kate (Aka Rowan) and played the nature BINGO (Adelyn won!) and are looking forward to the hot chocolate tonight and Smashmallows that Rowan will share with the group:) There was some time for camp skills on the beach - many girls will try to earn the Wilderness First Aid skill bead and some will try yoga and cooking skill beads. The campers are currently on the beach practicing their talents for tonights talent show! The weather here is foggy and misty and is turning to light rain, the campers are keeping fleece dry and wearing rain jackets here and there as the day goes on.

This group is easily entertained and has had a lot of fun playing games with eachother, there is no shortage of energy here and they are loving the food so far:)