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Girls Summer Camp Scholarship Applications

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Submit Your Applications During Winter Break

Wed, 12/15/2021 - 08:00

Girls Summer Camp Washington BeachPlanning to apply for a camp scholarship? Now is the time! Winter Holiday Break is the perfect time to complete your applications.

The scholarships listed here are ordered from most to least possible financial assistance provided by the funding source. We encourage you to apply for all 3!

The Burnt Lake Foundation scholarship application can be submitted anytime after January 1, 2022, and is due by March 15 at the latest. The Burnt Lake Foundation (BLF) is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization based in Denver, Colorado and is operated by a few volunteer board members. Recipients are announced March 30, and typical awards cover 30-50% of camp tuition. However, a limited number of need-based scholarships are available for higher percentages of tuition costs.

Burnt Lake Foundation Scholarship

If you’re applying for this scholarship, PLEASE notify Alpengirl as soon as your application is submitted so that we can follow up with the Foundation on your behalf.

Kid for the Wild Scholarship applications are due March 30, 2022! Up to $400 is awarded annually to two young people, ages 12-16 who best articulate their desire and need to pursue an experience in the outdoors. This scholarship encourages commitment to and connection with the natural world, and will be awarded for an experience that emphasizes nature exploration, wilderness adventure, environmental science, and leadership in the outdoors. Scholarships will be awarded by May 1.

girls summer camp scholarship

The Kid for the Wild Scholarship is a tribute to the memory and vision of Walkin’ Jim Stoltz and his "kid for the wild" spirit.  Jim was a singer-songwriter, poet, photographer, painter, and long distance hiker from Big Sky and Helena, Montana.  Jim hiked over 28,000 miles through the wilderness of North America – a true mountain man who experienced the wonder and wisdom of natural world with the heart of a child.  Jim performed at many schools throughout the United States for children of all ages; 2 to 92.

Please consider making a CAMPERSHIP DONATION (tax deductible) that will assist girls in becoming Alpengirls!  Alpengirl Campership applications can be submitted after January 1st 2022 - the sooner the better! These scholarships are made available through generous contributions from individuals and organizations to the American Camp Association and designated for the Alpengirl Campership Fund. They are awarded to Alpengirl campers who have requested financial assistance and have been reviewed by Alpengirl Camp. Awards announcement dates vary depending on the applicant pool and available funds. 

For more details about our girl's camp scholarship opportunities, visit the Scholarships page.