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Alpenguides - Summer 2022

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Tue, 05/24/2022 - 14:00

Alpengirl Camp StaffSummer is getting closer and closer by the day, it’s warming up outside and the sun is shining! Alpengirls and guides alike are making preparations for some truly incredible trips and adventures this summer! You might be wondering who these inspirational, empowering, all-knowing superhero guides are. If so, you are totally in the right place!!  

All of the Alpenguides this summer are 100% outstanding women, they are the cream of the crop when it comes to most everything, especially leading girls on all sorts of wilderness adventures! Ember can ignite a passion for outdoor adventure in any camper gathered ‘round the glowing embers of her campfire! Shoe Swapper loves backcountry cooking and can teach primitive fire making using a bow drill set so, if you are a camper trying to earn your Fire Skill Bead, you'll be all fired-up to have Shoe Swapper as your fire coach! More fire themed super powers... Sunny-Side Up uses her campfires this summer to bake brownies inside of orange peels, and if you like this, you'll need to particiapte in sing really loudly around the camfire with her - she loves a good country song! E Flow has many talents - she can hang a hammock just about anywhere, fix a tricky zipper, paint a sunset or build a fairy house, all while going with the flow at camp. Then we have Malia Bee and PB & Jaid, both hailing from Bozeman, MT with a common interest in skiing in the winter and teaching environmental science and ecology.

We have two Program Directors in Summer 2022, (wild)Flower Child and Banana Split are returning to Alpengirl and have plenty of expertise to share with the Alpenguides and campers, if you call the camp office this summer, it is likely that you'll reach (wild)Flower Child (Natalie S) who is mostly office based fielding calls, posting blogs and supporting staff from afar and if you are a camper you will likely get to know Banana Split (Anna L) who is field based lending direct support and offering guidance to almost all of our camp groups this summer.

As if those Alpenguides weren’t amazing enough, there are more of them!! You can read all about every Alpenguide on the Our Staff web page, all of their flair and superpowers are sure to get you counting the days to summer adventures!