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Cascades & Coast Backpacking

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Snow & Sand - All Fun!

Wed, 06/29/2022 - 15:21

Hiker girl campFrom Alpenguides Bella, Virginia and Erica: We just finished our backpacking adventure where we had lost of fun exploring the Mt St Helen’s area with the Alpengirls!

On the first day of backpacking we packed up our backpacks, loaded up our food and hiked uphill to arrive at Butte Dome camp where we found snow on the ground still!

We started our second day of backpacking with an Alpenolympic Snowman Event where Brooke won the gold with her caterpillar snowman complete with top hat. Then, with our Leader of the Day (LOD) Lilliana leading the way we hiked 4+ miles to arrive at Blue Lake and take a dip in the refreshing cool turquoise blue waters! Eliana and Lauren even showed off yoga skills by demonstrating their poses in the water. 

We enjoyed a day hike exploration on our 3rd day of backpacking and a night with the always memorable Alpenolympic Talent Show. Mia, Rowan and Claire performed their creative and funny subway surfer skit. Sabine and Lilliana sand and danced their hearts out but the gold medal winner performance was “Let It Go” from Frozen by Kate and Sarah.

The final day of backpacking we hiked back out to where we started and heard toward the WA Coast where we are at now - we are looking forward to a hot shower and then surfing and beach time!