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Montana Backpackers - MT Lil's!

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Backpacking Success in MT

Tue, 06/28/2022 - 02:49

backpackers montana campCongratulations to our Montana Lil’s A campers for completing their backpacking adventure! 

All nights in the backcountry we have camped next to a babbling brook or a calming river. 

Nights were in the shade of the gorgeous Tobacco Roots, and we had a crazy dance party under the pink sunset sky that I’m sure could be heard for miles. 

We played tons of games both on and off the trail, and laughed till we cried at the Alpenolympic talent show. 

Mabry has been a ray of sunshine, and can make friends with anyone, she's always wanting to try new things.

Mackenzie is learning to embrace the outdoor lifestyle and proud of herself for accomplishing and learning new skills. Bodhi has shown great determination to stay positive at camp, even when everyone was tired from hiking.

Tatum humors everyone and is selfless to the core, and Maddie uses her energy to keep everyone going during longer days and is the most inclusive girl at camp.

Savannah showed passion for backpacking and lead the whole group at a perfect pace.

Berit is reliable and knowledgeable about everything the guides teach them and is always found with a smile on her face. 

Lucy has made the most of every moment by spreading kindness, and growing friendships. 

Kristin is making lasting connections and opening up to learn how peaceful and healing nature can be. 

Gigi enjoys being outside and showed her talent for acting in last night's talent show. 

Joleen showed great interest in wilderness first aid and is eager to share her vast knowledge of the outdoors. 

Freja was nervous to be away from home, but her guides and new friends are proud to see the growth she has made. Now on the final night of camp, she is making sure everyone is enjoying themselves, and that there are bright happy faces all around. Everyone is excited to soak in the Hot Springs tonight, and share theri many stories with friends and family back home.