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MT Wild Explorers ll

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River Ready!

Thu, 06/23/2022 - 17:43


Though it’s only day three, everyone seems to have been friends for a long time! Yesterday we camped at the Missouri Headwaters State Park; the weather was excellent for our first night out. This morning was another gorgeous day. Ava was the first LOD. She had everyone pack a day pack for our hike to the Missouri River Headwaters Overlook, where Alpenguide Jordan and Jess shared some information about the landscape. Then we held an Alpenolympic trivia based off what we learned! Everyone had great answers, but Elizabeth, Merrin and Beatrice won for their team.

The cook group set out lunch, and everyone committed to skill beads; the girls seemed particularly interested in learning how to make fires and some new yoga poses. We (the Alpenguides) look forward to teaching them these skills as we travel down the river. After lunch, we hit the road for our three-and-a-half-hour drive to the canoe put in. The drive was broken up by a firewood stop, where we got to stretch out our legs and take in the wide-open spaces.

The cook group, Nora, Vic, and Raven - made us a tasty dinner featuring beef teriyaki and apricot appetizers.

The evening closed with Nora receiving her care package, and Ruby, Emma, and Niki leading the group in a few rounds of mafia. 

Tonight, we are camping next to the turquoise-blue Missouri River silver lined by an amazing pink sunset. The river is the perfect lullaby to help us all drift off to sleep. We are so excited to see where it will carry us in the days to come.