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Off to a Sunny Start!

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Yellowstone Horse II

Wed, 06/22/2022 - 23:35

Over the past few days, our Horse-Packing Adventure campers have been enjoying some fun in the sun. Blue skys streched overhead for their first hike through wooded trails to sprawling canyons, with butterflies and river views as travel companions. Green valleys and tall grassy fields made for a tranquil landscape to practice morning yoga, make delicious outdoor meals and learn about camper skill beads.

Everyone was eager to hit the trail, so there were no problems getting ready quickly and efficiently at the start of the day. The first camper cooked dinner was prepared by Taylor, Freya, and Keali, a tasty terriaki stir fry with sweet goat cheese stuffed apricots as an appetizer. Mahi was the first to attempt and earn her firemaking skill bead, followed by Finn, Taylor and Everest. Claire joined in with Fraya and Everest on the Wilderness First Aid bead, and Tera is working to earn her Shelter bead by assembling and taking down a tent solo.

Alpenolympics are underway with a Water Gyser Challenge to show respects for the Yellowstone Closures. Freya took the gold on this first challenge, and Everest took the next with the best micro-trash sweep of camp! A couple care packages made an apprearance, Finley recieved the Artist Care Package and Jane opened the Happy Camper Care Package. There were fun surprises inside for all!

Finley set a great example as the first Leader of the Day (LOD) by being helpful, caring and inclusive to the entire group. At the evenings end she passed the torch to Jane to take on the role for day three, where she lead games and demonstrated excellent camping skills.

Both guides and campers are getting excited to meet their horse for the packing trip, so stay tuned for the next update!