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Cascades and Coast

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Catching Those Last Few Waves

Sat, 07/02/2022 - 03:18

The past couple of days have been a blast! After backpacking, we explored a sea side Lighthouse and the sandy shore below. Rowan and Brooke made a shelter on the beach for their Shelter Bead out of drift wood! We also did our Best Nest Contest, where everyone decorated their tents inside and out. Eliana, Brooke and Lauren won, with their "Dandelion Hotel", decorated with Dandelion chains on the outside and a unique interior layout.

At our campsite, Mia earned her Yoga Bead, as she completed her Yoga Pose identification and was able to do all the poses in Sun Salutation A from our Yoga Book. Claire also finished up earning her Cooking Bead, as she helped cook our breakfast this morning. Sabine has been an amazing hand in the kitchen, helping us to make delicious calzones from scratch, as well as stir fry!

Today and yesterday we have been surfing on the Oregon Coast. Brooke and Sarah were naturals on the waves and stood up on their surf boards within the first few minutes. Kate was incredibly persistent and by the end of day two, she was tackling the big waves!

We had our Alpenolympic fashion show last night, where Lilliana stole the show with her layering masterpiece. Now that surfing is done, we will be exploring Manzanita, having our pizza party and awards ceremony tonight! It has been an incredible session and we will be sad to see it come to an end.