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Cascades Sea to Summit

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A Smile Every Mile!

Mon, 07/25/2022 - 14:12

We are excited to share that we have returned from our epic backpacking adventure in the North Cascades! After spending the morning learning to pack our backpacks, we took a scenic drive up to the trailhead. We were excited to follow the Pacific Crest Trail towards our first campsite, where Ella led us across our first big water crossing!

We had plenty of time to compete in the Best Nest Alpenolympic competition. Makena, Annalise, Kinsey, and Lula created a masterpiece complete with color coordinated sleeping bags. The next day we left camp early to begin a challenging hike towards Bridge Creek. Our LOD, Lula, kept spirits up as we pushed though the heat of the day to reach our campsite in time for a dunk in the cold creek. There was a surprise visit from a friendly black bear as well. The guides made lots of noise and he wandered away. We were all excited to wake up early the next day and complete our short hike along the PCT to our shuttle pickup site. We had a scenic ride in the open-air bus to an exciting destination: the Bakery! There were giant cinnamon rolls, cookies, and danishes galore. We all felt rejuvenated and ready to begin hiking back towards our starting point. The next day was a short hike back to Bridge Creek, and more swimming in the creek. Evelyn made sure to take remind us to drink lots of water as LOD, and had some very creative meal line-up ideas! Our talent show provided lots of entertainment that evening. Ella surprised us by singing in Latin, and Tian taught us all new words in Chinese. The next day Tenny led us on our big 9.2 mile hike back to Fireweed camp. We made good time and even had a chance to dunk in the stream at camp.

After a hilarious game of charades we all had a good night’s rest. Today we started our morning by singing Happy Birthday (and the Muppets theme song) to Ella. Zoe led us on our last hike of the trip and distracted us from the heat with a funny conversation about Halloween costumes. We had a lunch of Walking Tacos and stopped to see the incredible views as we make our way towards Anacortes. Ella’s care package had some goodies for our travel day too! We can’t wait to spend some time on the water sea kayaking. It’s been an incredible week of adventure so far!