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Days of Lavender in WA

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Coastal Backpacking Starts Today

Sun, 07/31/2022 - 18:59

WA Coast Backpacking GirlsWashington Coast Backpacker II Adventure has kicked off and we have an awesome group of girls!! We have been staying at the lavender farm our first two nights and they have been loving it - we've enjoyed a yummy breakfast of Rainbow Hash and sipped hot lemon with fresh lavender tea - so nice! We got a tour of the lavender farm and learned about the different varieties and medicinal properties of lavender. Afterwards we got to pick bundles of lavender which Eleanor was quick to do. Bea also expressed her affinity for lavender and how she wants to go to school in Washington which Janalyn agreed with. The girls were also able to see the distillers in action making the essential oils. Micah had lots of excellent questions during our tour of the lavender farm! Everyone has been doing a great job of including each other. Grace was the LOD today and when trying to decide what game they should all play they all opted to just hang out with each other and ask each other fun questions to provoke good conversation! The girls seem to be coming out of their shells more which seems especially apparent in Ella and Theadora with their silly sides shining through. This morning we woke bright and early to get a jump start on the day and hit the low tides just right on our backpacking trip, we are hiking about 4 miles down the beach today in Olympic National Park - we are ready!