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Kayaking Trip San Juan Islands

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Cascades Sea to Summit Kayakers

Fri, 07/29/2022 - 01:16

Alpengirls WA IslandsGreetings from Cascades Sea to Summit! After finishing up with our backpacking trip we had a rest day near Anacortes, WA - we spent the day reading and relaxing at the beach, getting cleaned up and making our dinner and s’mores over a campfire, with a fire made by Anneliese for her fire skill bead! The next morning, we headed out on the ferry to Friday Harbor to begin our sea kayaking expedition, paddling 6 miles to the beautiful Jones Island. The next day, we did a paddle around Jones, fighting our way through the tough currents. In the afternoon we had our costume contest, where Lula stole the show with her Captain Underpants costume. After dinner, we hiked to the west side of the island to watch the sunset and then a few of us stayed up to watch the bioluminescent algae in the cove. Evelyn and Ella enjoyed walking through the shallow water and watching the algae illuminate as they walked! Today we woke up early, led by our Leader of the Day, Tenny, and Zoe prepared our delicious breakfast of blueberry pancakes. After breakfast, we set off on our paddle back to Friday Harbor. Makenna and Kinsey motivated us during our paddle, singing lots of Taylor Swift songs to get us through a tough 6 mile paddle. Tian, Erica and Lula were speedy in the triple kayak, and led the way back to Friday Harbor. After arriving back and enjoying our Turkey Pizza Flatbreads, we headed to our campsite tonight in Friday Harbor. While we are sad that camp is ending soon, we are super excited to explore downtown Friday Harbor and get ice cream and pizza tomorrow!