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Majestic Big Sky

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High-Fives All Around!

Tue, 07/19/2022 - 22:49

Montana Alpengirl HikersWhoo-hoo! Four days of backpacking and 16 miles done.

The first day we backpacked 2.5 miles up to Golden Trout Lake where everyone was happy to take swim. The second day we had a day hike and summited Eagle Mountain, 4 miles round trip!

The third day we backpacked for seven miles to another site close to an alpine lake where the girls got to swim again, and complete their shelter and wilderness first aid bead. Today we hiked 2.5 miles out of the wilderness and are celebrating our great adventure with showers and the most luxurious pit toilet. Next we rock climb, horseback ride, and more! Some camper highlights are:

Elaine and Mairi thrived in the backcountry and stated that they really loved backpacking. Francesca along with her singing partner Sophia came up with many beautiful songs to keep us loud on trial.

Georgia loved camping near the water and said backpacking was hard but rewarding.

Camille let her funny side show during the hike and has hence become the group comedian, while Eliza showed everyone her immense outdoor knowledge and perseverance.

Divya and Gracie kept the conversation going and the spirits high with stories and trail games.

  Backpacking ReadySally is always ready to offer a helping hand to both staff and fellow campers.

Violet, or the “group motivator,” brings so much light and energy to the group by constantly encouraging, and Finleigh easily connects with everyone to be considered the “glue” that brings everyone together.