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Montana Yellowstone

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Rock Walls and Hot Springs

Sun, 07/03/2022 - 15:26

Our Montana Yellowstone campers had a fun first day learning the ropes of rock climbing and soaking in the Yellowstone Hot Springs! Everyone has been enjoying themselves so far, making new friends and trying new things.

Briana, Rihanna and Eleanor were first in line at the wall, showing natural skill and expressing a great love for the outdoors. Gabby P showed mental toughness as the height of the pitch made her nervous, her but she pushed through and even climbed twice! Ella also topped two climbs with ease and told her guides she is enjoying being outside without her phone. Brooklyn and Zoe are super enthusiastic, and excited to do every activity, turning their athleticism for other sports to climbing and hiking. Dahlia has a wonderful outgoing spirit and enjoyed hanging out by the Yellowstone Hot Spring and gave climbing a good try

While waiting for their turn, Reed started a “backcountry hair salon” for all the girls and Sophie volunteered as the group cheerleader, doing a fantastic job at hyping up those hesitant to climb.

Back at camp, Meredith was the first LOD (leader of the day) and enjoyed introducing meals and deciding how everyone would line up for dinner. Gabby D helped her guides with get-to-know-you games and is eager to learn about skill beads.

Overall, the group is off to a great start. Morning yoga next to the rushing Yellowstone River has been a great way to begin their days and ending with a relaxing soak at the Yellowstone hot springs, all under a pink Montana sky.