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MT Wild Explorers I

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Ending on a High Note

Thu, 07/14/2022 - 23:46

Wild Explorers IPassing through fields and woods along a small hiking path we weaved our way through the Tobacco Root Mountains and arrived at Twin Lakes on a sucessful backpacking trip. The girls went four miles up a steep incline lead by Gracie. Because of this accomplishment, we could take a slower pace the next day. Everyone was able to sleep in, and wake up to a brown-sugar oatmeal breakfast served with dried fruit.

The morning was spent lounging by a lake, where the group went for a cool dip and put their heads together to try and make fishing contraptions! This turned into an Alpenolympic won by Sarah, who not only made a hook but also a fishing pool and string. 

Later we went looking for snow because Bella had never seen it before! Luckily we found a pile in a shadowy nook, with just enough for a vigorous snowball fight, where Lilla’s softball skills came in clutch. After lunch we went for another swim and spotted a large flat rock perfect for sunbathing.

Viv and Zoe went with Alpenguide Jordyn to complete their WFA bead and the other girls acted out back country scenarios so the two could try out their new skills. Soon after, thunder hit (the norm of the trip) so we hunkered down, and used the opportunity for Viv and Lilla to complete their camp group living beads in the tent, a meditation and an appreciation circle.

The storm passed and they made a dinner of backcountry ramen. It was a challenge to find dry wood after the rain, but everyone pitched in, and eventually we had a lovely blaze to cook smores over and tell stories around. In the fading light and backdrop of the tobacco roots mountains, we hosted our talent show. An honorable mention was Stella and Sarah's performance, a combination of scenes from Hamilton and Disney's Frozen, which they called Framilton. This morning was another gorgeous but hot one. The girls did yoga with Jess to prepare for the hike down, and Gracie assisted Alpenguide Eliza with the bear bags.

We all made it down the mountain with ease and are eagerly awaiting our soak in the Hot Springs and pizza for dinner tonight!