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Olympic Sea to Summit

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Fun on Land and Sea!

Fri, 07/22/2022 - 22:18

Over the last few days, our Olympic Sea to Summit campers have gotten to explore the coast from land and sea! The trip included three days exploring around Cypress Island, camping on the beach, and enjoying s'mores around a bonfire.

During our sunset kayaking trip, we saw lots of wildlife from harbor seals to bald eagles! The cross was challenging on the final day, but the team came together to show real grit and perseverance. 

Once back on shore we all went rock climbing, where from the wall we had a birds eye view of the islands we previously kayaked through! Though a few campers felt nervous with heights, everyone tried the climb at least once, and were proud of themselves for expanding their comfort zone.

Mia and Juliana B were the most exacted for climbing, and excelled at each route.

Back at camp, Juliana K, Edith and Vic are going for their cooking skill bead, and helped to make breakfast two days in a row! Coresta completed her fire bead and is now learning about wilderness first aid. 

Our Alpenolympic events have included finding the most uniquely shaped rock, won by Emery with a “water bottle stone,” a water geyser contest won by Laura, and a classic rock skipping won by Bridget with 10 skips!

Our LODs so far have been Julianna K, Evy, Mia and Coresta. They each have their own unique personality and have been learning from each other on the different styles and methods of leadership. 

Overall the weather has been beautiful day and night. Both campers and guides have reveled in falling asleep under the stars with the soothing sound of soft ocean waves.