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Olympic Sea to Summit

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Finishing Strong!

Thu, 07/28/2022 - 03:07

Our Olympic Sea to Summit campers had an exciting backpacking adventure. Their scenic route was crowned with views of mossy trees, flowing rivers, snowcapped mountains, and numerous alpine lakes. The trail was strenuous, but the girls proved to be strong and resilient hikers through all adversity. Their perseverance and positive attitudes were rewarded by a warm sunset at Crescent Beach.

Throughout the trip Laura and Mia kept the group in good spirits with constant encouragement, and Bridget lead with a strong pace.

Evy earned her backpacking bead on trip, Mia is completing her water bead, and Coresta, Juliana K and Edith have finished their cook beads!

Back at camp Alpenolympics were in full swing. The best nest went to Edith, Evy and Emery for most creative home away from home. Everyone participated in a backcountry met gala red-carpet event, were Edith stole the show dressed as “Captain Hooks Ex Girlfriend.”  Laura, Julianna B, Emery and Evy packed up all tent items in less than 7 minutes!

Juliana B’s celebrated her birthday with an evening appreciation circle, cards, singing, candles and Oreos!

The LODs have been Vic, Edith, Juliana B and Laura. All have led with kindness and been responsive to the group. Despite the challenges long hikes and outdoor living cam bring, everyone has bonded over their shared experiences, and made fierce friendships.

The weather overall has been very favorable, and we look forward to more on the horizon!