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Well Done Hikers!

Tue, 07/26/2022 - 18:19

Spirits are high since hiking out yesterday! The girls felt understandably tired, yet still very strong as they finished up their 22 mile excursion. Kiera said she was finally getting comfortable and felt ready to hike even more! Lucky for us, the sun came out on our last morning and we were greeted by deer as we walked down the beach for the last time.
The girls chose some yummy front country meals including a salad full of different veggies, beans, and fruits and this morning’s breakfast of strawberry Nutella whole grain, fluffy waffles. Paisley claimed they were the best waffles she’d ever had! 
Avery led the group in a “warm and fuzzies” circle last night to earn her camp group living bead, where compliments were given by each and every girl to each other one at a time. This turned out to be a very sentimental moment for reflection and Rolo and Caroline shared that they usually don’t open up so easily to people, but this little community they built together made it easy for the girls to get close and feel supported by one another. Kenli reflected on how she usually prefers to be independent, but enjoyed working and growing as a team in this environment.
This morning, the girls will finish packing up their things after playing “giggle belly” together, a game facilitated by Jorie, the one who is always encouraging laughter among us! We will explore the town of Port Townsend today followed by pizza and awards, then head out tomorrow for the airport. The girls are already feeling emotional about parting ways, but look forward to being reunited with their families, pets, and comfy beds!