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WA Coastal Backpacking

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Sat. Device Blog Post

Sat, 07/23/2022 - 23:51

WA Coast Backpackers(This satellite device screenshot photo is the WA coast where our Alpengirls are camping under tarps tonight:) This WA coast backpacking trip has been awesome because of our stellar crew! They all do a great job looking out for and helping each other and they love playing games together. Mad libs and Mafia are some top requests! Alpenguides Jess and Malia are impressed with their motivation stamina and optimism. We have had long days with technical terrain and they are absolute rock stars. The girls say some highlights have been the views, seeing whale bones (less exciting was the smell of rotting whale skin) seeing a lot of crabs, looking at sea anemones, getting to sit and talk and laugh, seeing a great blue heron, bald eagles, bird skeletons, hiking thru a cave, and looking for Starfish. We have also been reading out loud to each other before bed all together under the tarp shelter. All in all, it has been great with this group!