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Ready for the Waves

Sat, 07/16/2022 - 01:23

Off from the airport they go!

On the first night of the session, the group set up camp near Swan Creek, where they learned about assembling their tents, outdoor hygiene, skill beads and routine camp duties.

This morning they played many get-to-know-you games including ultimate frisbee! Later they got a taste of white-water rafting and took in the natural beauty from the banks of the Gallatin River.

Mairi and Finleigh both showed impressive paddling skills and listened well to the direction from their raft guides. Francesca and Georgia took a voluntary dip in the cold water, and Violet asked to be tossed overboard to demonstrate how to properly hoist a swimmer back into the boat.

Splashes were taken by everyone, but Eliza claimed the front of her raft to experience the full force of the waves! How exhilarating!

Back at camp, Elaine was the first leader of the day, and with the help of her new friend Divya, led the rest in afternoon games. Grace really enjoyed the many rounds of leapfrog, that usually ended on the ground collapsed from laughter. Tomorrow they prepare for backpacking, so we wish them a successful hike!