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Wild & Scenic Salmon Raft Alpengirls

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Hot Springs, Costumes, Riding, Rafting Soon!

Sat, 07/30/2022 - 17:09

Alpengirls in IdahoWe're off to a great start at Wild & Scenic Salmon Raft Adventure! The first day we nestled into our first camp in the Idaho country side near where the girls learned to set up their tents and all about leave no trace camping and travel practices, then they picked out what skill beads they want to try to earn at camp and we had burritos and tortilla chips for dinner before sleeping in tents with our new camp friends and tentmates. Day two the girls got to swim and soak at a local hot spring pool and we moved camps closer to the Salmon River where we had our first Alpenolympic Event: The Costume Contest! Today we are going horse back riding in the morning and paddle boarding/ kayaking at a lake in the afternoon. Tomorrow we're heading farther north to prep for our rafting trip at camp at a private local mini-farm, the girls are very excited to get onto the river and they are getting along really well a a group early on! Some things to note about our awesome campers....

Siyah entertained us with a rendition of Santa Claus coming to town for the costume contest.
Riyah is today's LOD (leader of the day) and is great at making sure everyone has everything for horse riding.
Sidrah and Olivia really enjoyed swimming at the hot springs yesterday.
Rylee is very excited for horseback riding to show us her horse skills from home.
Adeline and Claire blew the crowd away with their very creative performance for the costume contest selling socks.
Nora, Ella, and Ryann had amazing costumes / show for the costume contest as the teenage mutant ninja turtles.
Rosalie won the costume contest with her amazing Doby the Elf impression from Harry Potter.
Taylor is a comedian and so far has always kept a smile on everyone’s faces.
Emma is quickly became the group glue and has had an immediate bond with all the girls.