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WA Coast Backpackers II

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Livin', Backpackin', Crushin' it!

Tue, 08/02/2022 - 23:59

From the WA Coast Backpackers II (Satellite Device Message): "These lady crushers sure are are crushin' it this trip! We finished up with our most technical backpackin'terrain yesterday and the girls embraced the struggles - even up and down the rope ladders they climbed with their heavy packs! Eleanor claims she has more fun scrambling along rocks than hiking on a dirt trail! Grace says although scaling the rocks is a little scary, she has learned how much she can push herself and what she can accomplish. When we had to wait for the tide to go down during our last stretch yesterday, Thea and Micah kept spirits up by singing songs to practice for tonight's Alpenolympic Event - The Talent Show! Meanwhile, Janalyn and Ella have had a blast exploring along the beach anytime they can. Bea says a highlight for her was building and sleeping under the tarp shelter last night. All in all, us Alpenguides (Malia and Jess) are so proud of our strong, determined Alpengirls! We're truly livin' it up out here on the WA coast!"Satellite Device Image