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WA Lil’s B Adventure

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Beach Time ~ WA Style

Tue, 08/02/2022 - 00:44

WA Coast Pre Teen Girls CampThis awesome 'lil group of alpengirls spent the day learning new skills and going to the beach where we played “run from the waves” and explored the man made beach huts. The beach also provided excellent rock skipping,  sea shell searching, kelp discovery, and locating pretty driftwood. The Dungeness Recreation area also had amazing informational locational plaques that we spent a long time looking at and learned about the longest natural sand spit in the USA. The rest of the afternoon has been spent playing team building games, telling each other riddles, giggling, and playing in the sun. Our campsite is next to a bluff where we watched the beautiful sunset last night! Some tidbits about our girls…

Liena was our first leader of the day and is using all her creativity to lead with pride.

Anna is starting to work towards earning her water skill bead and comes to life in the trees and especially by the water.

Matea is the hardest worker in every single riddle that we’ve shared and won an impromptu Alpenolympic Event of reciting/teaching a ranger the principles of Leave No Trace.

Elliana won a game of cards and declared her yoga bead. She’s also very energetic and friendly and enjoyed openign her care package today.

Karlin is great at leading games and is starting so many great friendships.

Molly is a queen story teller. Every minute she is warming up to making more and more friends. Had the best time playing in the ocean.

Hazel has a big heart for nature and has already helped others keep in tune with the LNT principles. She was also very helpful in cook crew and prepared a delicious dinner!

Tomorrow we start backpacking in the Hoh Rainforest and camping tomorrow night next to the Hoh River - so nice!