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WA Lil's A Adventure

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Crescent Beach, Alpenolympics & More

Tue, 08/02/2022 - 01:40

Alpengirl WA Lil AHere's some of the highlight in the first 2 days of camp so far... Tide pooling - we saw purple urchins, big purple starfish, anemones, crabs and more. We spent time hanging out at Crescent Beach, some girls swam while others relaxed in the sun, all played an Alpenolympic Event: Best Beach Sculpture (won by winners Elina and Arden with sea turtles sculpture), the other campers had sculptures as well: Mabry and McKinley  had an Alpengirl with mountains and rivers, Peri and Vanisha had a sculpture that resembled a shelter, Naia and Molly made sand signal from the "first ever female backpacker." The location is beautiful here, we saw  misty fog over the straights of Juan de Fuca, we listened to calming sound of waves on the shore, we had big trees to shelter us and beautiful sunlight on the beach, islands, mountains all around, it is glorious!  Evelyn enjoyed opening her "Happy Camper" group care package today and Eliana will have a group "Artist" care package opening tonight. Evelyn has been a Leader of the Day and was a good listener and has lots of confidence and and Mabry has also been LOD and is coming in with plenty off Alpengirl camp experience from an earlier session she did in MT, she's also been a wonderful LOD. The weather has been a little chilly and it rained overnight. These Alpengirls have declared their skill beads...Eliana is going for Group Living and Shelter, Molly & McKinley going for Group Living and Cooking, Mabry is going for Group Living and Wilderness First Aid, Naia, Evelyn and Vanisha are going for Cooking, Alden is going for Navigation and Group Living, Peri is going for First Aid, Vanisha is going for Cooking, Hannah is going for Fire and Group Living. All is well, we start backpacking on the beach tomorrow, we'll have more tide pools to explore and more fun in the sand in Olympic National Park.