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WA Lil's A Adventure

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Olympic Beach Fun

Fri, 08/05/2022 - 01:18

wa coast lil alpengirlThe recent trip highlights from the Alpenguides Kaelyn and Annie: “We’ve just enjoyed 2 nights of camping on Rialto Beach in ONP near Hole In the Wall and had great views of multiple sea stacks, got splashed by calming waves and had fun in sun with sand castle making, tide pooling (saw sea stars, sea anemones, crabs, bull kelp, and more), driftwood collecting for the campfire dinner )Pocket Stew for dinner with scores was a hit!) and the Alpenolympic Talent Show (the entire group did a song together and WON as a team)! McKinley, Molly, Vanisha, Evelyn all making progress toward earning their Cooking Skill Bead. Alden is helping us navigate and orient at beach to work toward earning her Navigation Skill Bead. Elina is setting up and taking down tent by herself as a part of her Shelter Skill Bead. Peri and Mabry making good progress toward earning their Wilderness First Aid Skill Bead. We had a few other Alpenolympic Events such as Sandcastle Building (McKinley had a winner), Tin Foil Art (Peri with a mug, Elina with a chicken head, Mabry with an otter), and The Best Nest winners were McKinley, Naia, Elina. Recent Leaders of the Day were Alden and Elina who were quite organized and efficient, Naia and Peri who worked very well together as a team, McKinley and Hannah who stood out as helpful and caring leaders of their group. Peri is about to open up the Entertainer group care package tonight and will share it with the group, with a costume contest sure to follow:) The weather has been a little rainy, but there are sunny skies ahead and we’re enjoyed refreshing hot showers tonight, cooking the girls pick for dinner Alfredo Pasta with broccoli and we are planning to look at the Alpengirl Camp Store things and are enjoying a night in front country tonight before heading out to the Hoh River for our backpacking trip tomorrow morning. We'll be camping along the Hoh River tomorrow night and then our final night will be soaking at the hot springs and final celebration dinner before we are back to Seattle for departures, this is our last blog of the session, the rest of our time together is mostly in the backcountry:) The campers are having a blast, all get along well together, onward to the rainforest tomorrow!"