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WA Lil's B Adventure

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Backpacking Hoh Rainforest

Thu, 08/04/2022 - 17:48

Hoh Rainforest AlpengirlsWe've completed a great backpacking trip in Olympic National Park, we hiked all along the Hoh River trail, a one night in/out backacking trip and the girls did great! We camped next to the glowing blue Hoh River and under the canopy of trees and ferns in the Olympic rainforest. We hiked through mossy groves and past trees stumps taller than us! We have played many trail games and riddles and songs! It seems like nothing tires Karlin whether it’s camping, hiking, helping in chore groups or just constantly being energetic with friends she always has a smile and is always down for chatting:) Our Alpengirl Anna is a hiking natural and helped all the group along with her wonderful conversation and by being the LOD for our day hike to the five mile island campsite on the river. Molly was an LOD on our backpacking trip and fearlessly lead the group on the last stretch keeping a positive attitude the whole time. Matea has a calm and kind spirit that served as a wonderful LOD on the first day of backpacking and she helped cook a backcountry meal beside the Hoh River. Elliana loves to play in the woods more than anything and refined her rock skipping skills on the beautiful blue Hoh River and has made friends with both campers and slugs alike! Liena is consistently a friend to all and keeps the group entertained with stories and laughing, even when we needed the most on our 6 mile backpackign day. Hazel is a hiking machine and pushes through the backpacking hike with perseverance and is always ready for a game or a packs off break and she is also relentless in figuring out trail riddles! We got all showered up last night back in the frontcountry and today we'll head to the beach! We'll be camping on the beach for 2 nights then back into the rainforest for soaking at the hot springs and final celebration dinner before we are back to Seattle for departures, this is our last blog of the session, the rest of our time together is mostly in the backcountry:) All is well!