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Wild Scenic Salmon River

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Alpengirls Rafting Trip Success

Sun, 08/07/2022 - 01:54

Rafting Alpengirl Idaho GroupFrom Alpenguides Mattie & Jaid on Wild & Scenic Main Salmon River Adventure...

Claire- loved rafting and jumping into the water and holding onto the raft 
Adi- let her colors shine on the river and proved to be the group glue, constantly making sure everyone is having a good time
Taylor- never failed to make the group laugh and keep the spirits high while on the river
Ella- loved rafting and got to show off her paddle skills 
Ryann- was queen of the raft during trust falls on the flat sections 
Nora- got to show off her mad paddling skills as she powered through rapids
Emma- loved “riding the bowl” sitting on the front of the raft to go through the rapids 
Olivia- helped with almost all of the camp meals and has a true passion for cooking 
Rosalie and Rylee- showed off their beautiful singing voices by signing on the river 
Sid- loved swimming in the river and jumping off the raft. She probably spent more time in the water than on land 
Riyah and Siyah - kept the group entertained by putting on plays every night for the group

Hurray!!!! 80 miles done on the salmon river in 5 days! The girls thrived, pushed hard through rapids, soaked in hot springs, saw many historical sites and got their adrenaline pumping. Over the last five days we hit tons of rapids ranging from class 2 to class 4. The campsites were beautiful, we camped on beaches under the stars where we would see no less than 10 shooting stars every night. We made lots of Dutch oven meals such as lasagna and enchiladas. Some girls even got to try steering the boat! Today was our last day on the river, despite being sad to leave, the girls are looking forward to showers tonight and pizza, ice cream and awards tomorrow night. It has been a fanstic trip with a wonderful group of Alpengirls!