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Benefits of Yoga at Kids Summer Camp

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Alpengirl Camp Yoga

Fri, 12/23/2022 - 08:00

Mountain yoga girls campAt Alpengirl Camp, every day starts with a 20 – 30-minute Alpenyoga class led by an Alpenguide. This practice, consistent throughout the camp session, offers various benefits for campers and staff alike. Even on the busiest of days, Alpenguides prioritize yoga, and begin the day by creating group cohesion throught a quiet and introspective yet energizing activity. As a result, Alpengirl campers go home with an introduction to this timeless practice, having learned a basic yoga sequence that they can repeat at home, share with family, or teach to friends. Curious about the benefits of yoga at a summer camp for kids?

Five of the many reasons we appreciate and prioritize the short Alpenyoga routine each day:

Washington state yoga girls camp

Fight off colds and other yucky stuff. Gentle twists and stretches encourage the movement of fluids between your organs and your lymphatic system. In effect, yoga helps your body more efficiently flush out the bad stuff such as bacteria and viruses, and keeps the immune system running smoothly so we can maintain a healthy camp group.

Improve flexibility and avoid injuries. Flexibility is key for good posture and avoiding back, knee and other types of pain and chronic injuries. Basic stretches in beginner yoga allow us to increase our flexibility safely and slowly so we can enjoy our days at camp together safely and fully.

Do your body good. It’s never too early to start preventing osteoporosis. By reducing stress hormones and providing a means of weight-bearing exercise, yoga can encourage higher calcium levels in bones over time, which is super important for our growing girls at camp.

Kids Yoga Camp with AlpengirlThere’s no better way to warm up in the mountains. Mornings can be chilly in the Rocky Mountains and the Pacific Northwest. Yoga offers a simple way for our bodies to “build their own heat” every morning. Stretching and breathing deeply gets our blood flowing and increases the body’s ability to send warmth from our core outward.

Don’t worry about it. Got the homesick blues at camp? Feeling a little anxious about the day’s hike? After just 20 minutes of yoga, we are often able to see the forest for the trees…quite literally at Alpengirl. By reducing stress hormone levels, morning yoga starts the day on a positive note and helps to prevent long-term stress-related health problems.