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Cascades and Coast Adventure II

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River Conquerers!

Fri, 07/14/2023 - 00:52

rafting teen cascades groupLast time we blogged, we were on our way to Memaloose State Park  from our backpacking adventure! Before we jetted off, we were able to enjoy some ice cream courtesy of Merrin’s parents at the local general store in Cougar, WA. Now, we are here in Memaloose State Park as our trip comes to a close. The girls enjoyed rafting down the White Salmon River yesterday—and even drank out of a glacial runoff. We did a 7 mile stretch of the river and got properly soaked on the third rapid known as “Granny Snatcher!” After rafting, the girls (as a group) decided to make calzones from scratch. With the help of the guides, all were able to successfully make their own calzones!

Today, the girls enjoyed the Klickitat River on sit on top kayaks! Some of the girls flipped but most made it down the river flip free! What an athletic group of young gals. We are heading down to Hood River for an evening on the town filled with awards and pizza. We are winding down the trip and looking back on all the fun memories—what a special group of young ladies!

We will see you at the airport tomorrow.