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Montana Yellowstone Adventure

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Geysers and kayaks and rafting, oh my!

Thu, 07/06/2023 - 20:16

teen adventure kayakingThe MT & Yellowstone group is finally getting ready to go backpacking after many days of action packed fun! Following our climbing adventure, we all went horseback riding and enjoyed magical mountain views around us. Next, in the same day, we went whitewater rafting! The splashing of the rapids made us laugh a lot (and also made us quite chilly). Nelle, Izzy, Eva, and Greta were so brave that they jumped in the cold water at the end of the trip, even though it had started raining! Now they can all brag that they have swam in the Yellowstone River in the rain. :)

The next day was also filled to the brim with excitement and adventure! We woke up, ate delicious breakfast burritos to fuel us, and entered Yellowstone National Park. Brynn, our leader of the day, helped everyone decide what to pack for the day and picked the tunes we listened to in the van. We saw geysers and hot springs and learned a whole lot! Who knew little microbes could be alive in there?! We finished the day by going for a sunset kayak paddle. Brooke and Kate were a powerful kayaking team, paddling with both speed and grace. Story’s positive attitude and excitement for kayaking was also contagious to the whole group! Next, we ate sloppy joes for dinner and went straight to bed after the long day.

The next day, we woke up to yoga and blueberry pancakes. Ellie’s participation in yoga was commendable! Kinsey, our leader of the day, then woke the group up and helped everyone get ready for the day ahead. We drove to see Old Faithful erupt, and we were mesmerized by the size and power of the geyser! When we got back to camp, we had a big task in front of us: making personal calzones. The cook group of the night made beautiful calzones for everyone. Aerowyn’s mushroom cutting skills were impeccable. Raleigh’s willingness to help clean up after cooking without being asked was very appreciated by the group as well!

Today, we will do laundry, take showers, and get ready for a super exciting next couple of days: backpacking to mountain lakes!! We can’t wait for the adventures, fun, and silliness that lay ahead!