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North Cascades Adventure

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Paddle On!

Wed, 07/05/2023 - 00:56

teen group rafting in cascadesOur North Cascades girlies have been crushing it within our first couple days of what will be a very adventurous 12 days! 

After picking everyone up from the airport we began to make our way towards the North Cascades to settle into our first campsite on the Sauk River! We enjoyed our yummy Alpengirl Welcome Burritos, had some essential camp conversations, and got to know each other over some scrumptious M&Ms!

This morning we enjoyed some yoga with the lovely river roar in the background, a delicious Strawberry Stuffed French Toast breakfast, and engaged in more camp education talks before moving on to our first major activity, RAFTING!

We rafted about 8 and a half river miles downstream, even passing our campsite along the way! Violet, Emmaline, and McKinley represented the “East Coast, Beast Coast” boat which featured a heave-ho paddle style. Molly, Naia, and Sabina were hopping in to swim every chance they got. Camille and Mairi flexed their strong muscles with a boat of only three! And Elina and Vanisha paddled hard at the front to keep the boat straight through the hairy sections of the river! Can’t wait to enjoy our delicious stir fry tonight and start on our epic backpacking trip tomorrow!