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Wild & Scenic Salmon Adventure

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Yoga, Horses, Hot Spring & Water Fun

Mon, 07/31/2023 - 16:41

Alpengirl Idaho Raft CampWild & Scenic Salmon Raft is on day three of the journey & have already had a splash! Our first day, we all gathered at Boise, Idaho Airport to meet the whole crew & we were off! We stopped for dinner at a park on the way and ate our yummy welcome burritos, with fresh veggies and toppings:) Our drive was long but we had YMCA dance parties and Justin Bieber sing-a-longs. We arrived at our campsite, set up tents and went to bed for a fun day ahead!

Our second day, we woke up to song birds and headed right to the yoga mat for yoga with Julie and a mountain view! After, Chef Mo cooked up some delicious strawberry stuffed french toast with raspberries, syrup or honey to top. They were amazing!! Once we were all full, we headed on the trail for a creek dip nearby and ate lunch. We also learned about a unique portion of camp called 'skill beads' - and we all set our intentions to earn our selected beads! Back at the campground, we made an Alpengirl original campfire pocket stew dinner and all participated in our first Alpenolympic Event - the Foil Creatures! We showed off our super creative skills and transformed normal foil into elephants, turtles, flowers, purses and potatoes! Eames & Ella impressed us highly with their elephant (Eames) and flower (Ella) and were claimed Alpenolympic winners! Then we, of course, had to have campfire s'mores while the fire was still going! Mia and Jin Jin both had their s'more technique *down* … we were impressed by the golden crisp marshmallow roasts and exquisite s'more squish! We then packed up and headed out to a hot spring pool for a private soak with mountain views! Chicken fights ensued and there were many winners! All showered and rested from warm waters, we headed back to the campsite for an appreciation circle, for our lovely LODs Madeline and Cece, and headed to rest.Today, we got right to (more!) mountain yoga and ate a yum spring parfait with strawberry yogurt, fresh fruit & lots of toppings! We took down our tents, said our goodbyes to our river campsite and we had a great horseback ride in the mountains! It was stunning and we were very ready for afternoon at the lake with watercraft! We ate Alpengirl Mediterranean Nacho’s for lunch, enjoyed the lake's well known soft serve ice cream, and headed out on the lake with our rented stand-up paddle boards and kayaks! The water was refreshing and we all had fun trying out different water devices!

A full day of adventures and so much more to come - Addison, Eri and Brielle jumped in the lake immediately! Alpengirl returners Sasha, Matea, Lauren, Mia and Ellie have been such helpful Alpengirls & we are thankful for them! Tomorrow, we prep for rafting and head to our lavender farm stay and activities! We're so excited! Stay tuned! We will blog again after the raft trip:) 

PS - Don’t forget the Alpenguide staff will be placing the “Staff Calls to Parents” on T August 1 and if they miss you when they have time and cell service to call, they will choose the best phone number they have and leave a voicemail message for you letting you know how your camper is doing - so far, all busy, enjoyed great food and weather, making friends and doing great!