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Cascades Sea Summit

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Yo ho, yo ho, a sea kayaking life for me!

Sat, 08/05/2023 - 23:55

Cascades Sea SummitYo ho, yo ho, a sea kayaking life for me! We are crusty and salty and fresh off the sea! 

We have completed the final adventure of our trip, a 3-day sea kayaking voyage in the Salish Sea. After ferrying over to San Juan Island from Anacortes, we met our outfitters to get prepped and ready to go. We learned all the fun facts about how to stay safe from flipping our vessels, protecting our fiberglass, and how to properly load and unload our gear. After that, we departed on the water. Victoria, Sally, and Madeline quickly became the radio boat, singing many songs to provide some entertainment for our other companions. Our first day was a super speedy 8 miles to Jones Island as the current was on our side. It took us a little bit shy of three hours to make it to our campsite. From there, we set up camp, made a yummy fettuccini Alfredo pasta dinner, and enjoyed the sunset on the west side of the island.

Our second day of sea kayaking was a challenging day trip to Lover’s Cove on Orcas Island, a 9-mile out and back. The currents were unfortunately not in our favor on the way over but we muscled our way through to eat a delicious and refreshing Mediterranean Nacho lunch. Kyla and Lilliana were constantly taking the lead with their superpower strength. They made those paddles look easy!

The route back to camp was much easier as the tides were turned in our favor. We paddled with ease, even seeing some porpoises and seals along the way! Back at camp, we ate some White Chili and Crackling Apple Pie before participating in our talent show! We had many amazing acts and Jorie acted as our spectacular MC, giving us many laughs throughout the show. Emma surprised us with her jaw-dropping juggling, Brooklyn and Victoria gave us a pretty spot-on Twilight reenactment, Charlotte headed an impressive catapult demonstration, and Maya, Lilliana, Kyla, and Brooklyn gave us a great cover of the Cup Song from Pitch Perfect. All of this was followed by a boy band version of Party in the USA by Miley Cyrus, Sevilla going so hard that she lost her hat and her Justin Bieber ‘do.

Once we wrapped up our show, we got ready for bed and headed back out to see some bioluminescence from the algae in the early hours of the night. It was so cool!

Our final day was an early morning to take full advantage of the tidal conditions. We made it on the water by 8:30am! Our paddle back was very fast and we put out by 11am. Now we just have two final nights together before the end of our trip! We are super excited to explore Friday Harbor and enjoy the last moments of our journey together!