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MT Lil B

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Hikes on Hikes on Hikes!

Tue, 08/08/2023 - 04:42

hot spring adventure montana hikingThe wet and cold threatened to take the heart out of our adventure but these Alpengirls are strong, mighty, and can pivot quickly to still enjoy the adventure of a lifetime!

We made it to our first backpacking campsite, after hiking in a normal downpour. Somehow the skies dumped even more once we started putting up our tents! Despite being wet and cold they were troopers and made it work for two days and one night and before we made a group decision to head back to a front country campsite in the front country to dry out and regroup. Safety first! We were ready to charge ahead and spent the next two days pursuing impressive day hikes to stunning mountain lakes. This provided great opportunities for the group to connect with one another, and work on our skill beads.

Macey worked toward earning her Cook skill bead by cooking us a lovely breakfast and learning how to properly light and use the stoves to cook on. Rose is also earning her Cook bead and is boiling water for LOD tea in the morning. Margaret, MariaElena, Lauren and Swede worked on their Wilderness First Aid Skill beads by splinting the limbs of their Alpenguides while Ella and Stella worked on silly yoga poses to earn Yoga beads. Ellie, AJ, and Hannah worked on building shelters to earn their Shelter Beads and AJ is also reviewing the top maps to earn her Navigation Skill Bead. Rosee built us a very cute fairy house and is friendly and talking with everyone for her Camp Group Living bead.

We celebrated our end of camp session tonight at the hot spring;- soaking, pizza, and modeling some excellent post shower looks (Lola's hair wrap was particularly memorable). It's the final night to enjoying the great vibes together with our fun and energized MT Lil B Alpengirls! Can’t believe this tight-knit group of girls has to say goodbye tomorrow morning.