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MT Lil B Alpengirls

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Energized & Ready for Backpacking

Wed, 08/02/2023 - 23:56

Alpengirl SW Montana Girls CampThe Montana Lil B Alpengirls have arrived here in MT, and we’re already having so much fun! After the girls got checked in at the airport, we drove by beautiful rivers and valleys to our first campsite near the Lewis and Clark Caverns. We ate welcome burritos (yum) and got to know each other with the m&m game. We also played some very silly games of telephone. Ellie, a returning Alpengirl and our very first Leader of the Day (LOD), and Hannah, another returning Alpengirl, helped us go over setting up tents and how chore groups will work. It took these girls no time at all to warm up to each other and be goofy together, and we are here for it! The girls were giggling in their tents right until we called for lights out. Today, our LODs are Swede and AJ. They’ve done a great job taking charge of the group and coming up with creative ways for the girls to line up for their meals. Today is also MariaElena’s birthday, and we are so excited we get to celebrate it with her. We’re looking forward to eating treats with her tonight. Rose has been making the group laugh with all her hilarious stories, and Rosee has been going above and beyond with helping out and doing chores (even one’s she isn’t assigned to!) This morning, we ate blueberry pancakes with lemon yogurt for breakfast, followed by delicious turkey sandwiches for lunch! We also declared skill beads today, and the girls are very excited about their choices. Everyone wants to go for at least one skill bead. Margaret will learn wilderness first aid as she tries to achieve her WFA bead. Ella and Stella have taken on the challenge of earning yoga beads, and Macy will be cooking the entire group breakfast to earn her cooking bead! Lola and Lauren have been carefully considering their options for beads; they’re intrigued by all of them, and will decide by tonight! Right now, the girls are touring the caves in the Lewis and Clark Caverns. Tomorrow, we will get ready start our four day backpacking trip!! We can’t wait to hike and get wild with this spunky, energetic group of girls:) We’ll blog one more time with a photo before end of camp, we’re off to the mountains tomorrow!